Mrs Mandy Williams Headteacher
Mrs Faye Hawkins Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Isabel Hellyer Senior Lead Learner
Mrs Lisa Jackson SENCO
Mrs Heidi Holloway Blackberry Class YR Foundation Stage Lead Learner
Miss Bryony White Blueberry Class YR
Miss Molly Mitchell Strawberry Class YR
Mrs Fiona McKenzie Peach Class Y1 Senior lead learner
Mrs Sarah Dewey Peach Class Y1
Mrs Sarah Dobbin Apple Class Y1
Mrs Pauline Oliphant Apple Class Y1
Miss Nicola Edwards Pear Class Y1
Miss Sheela Samy Cherry Class Y2 Head of Year
Mrs Sam Docherty Plum Class Y2
Mrs Kara Luckin (Maternity Leave) Plum Class Y2
Mr Sam Wojcik Apricot class Y2
Mrs Elizabeth Oliver Holly Class Y3 Lead Learner
Mrs Jessica Franklin Laurel Class Y3
Mrs Jessica Twine Beech Class Y4 Head of Year
Mrs Lucy Goatcher Beech Class Y4 Head of Year
Miss Beatrice Young Oak Class Y4
Mr Adam Norris Redwood Class Y5 Head of Year
Mrs Kate Bondsfield Maple Class Y5
Mrs Rebecca Polhill Maple Class Y5
Mrs Helen Ward Chestnut Class Y6
Miss Kate Trodd Cedar Class Y6 Head of Year
Mrs Pauline Oliphant Pastoral Lead
Mrs Kim Howarth Support teacher
Mrs Nichola Atkinson Business Manager
Mrs Sarah Woolmer Finance Assistant
Mrs Sarah Clark Receptionist
Mrs Di Wilkins Clerical Assistant/Admissions/Head's PA
Mrs Becky Apletree Teaching Assistant/MMS
Mrs Judith Bruce-Hay Higher Level Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Miss Charlotte Barnes Teaching Assistant/MMS
Mrs Mandy Bell Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Miss Debbie Buckland Higher Level Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Miss Emily Clevett Teaching Assistant/Paediatric First Aider/MMS
Mrs Michelle Cornell Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Miss Jessica Courtney Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sarah Cullen Teaching Assistant/MMS/First Aider
Mrs Sarah Dewey Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Miss Hassah Dubery Higher Level Teaching Assistant/First Aider/MMS
Mrs Charlotte Edwards Teaching Assistant/First Aider/MMS
Mrs Rachael Ferris Teaching Assistant/First Aider/MMS
Mrs Frances Halliday Higher Level Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs Juli Johnstone Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs Julie Littleboy Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Miss Penny Lowbridge Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs Hayley Devo Teaching Assistant/First Aider/MMS
Mrs Deborah Manville Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs Jackie Miller Higher Level Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs Nikki Parker Higher Level Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs May-Ellen Phelan Teaching Assistant/MMS/First Aider
Ms. Michelle Pickering Teaching Assistant/First Aider/MMS
Miss Sarah Phillips Teaching Assistant/MMS/First Aider
Mrs Laura Puddick Teaching Assistant/First Aider/MMS
Miss Natalie Sheard Teaching Assistant/MMS/Paediatric First Aider
Mrs Linda Stapely Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs Kerry Wells Teaching Assistant/MMS/Paediatric First Aider
Ms Carole Downer Supervisor
Mrs Helen Jones Supervisor
Mrs Sharon McCarthy Senior Supervisor/First Aider
Mrs Michelle Pullen Supervisor
Mrs Jean Senior Supervisor
Mrs Sue Thomson Supervisor
Miss Jemma Waters Supervisor
Mr Ron Priest

Premises Manager

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